A Short Bio

I'm Satu Kaikkonen (1967) a teacher, a poet and visual poet from Finland. I have always been interested in writing and the relationships between language and image, language and sound & language and movement etc. So my works include tradidional lyrics as well as visual & asemic poetry and sound poetry, abstract comics and poemics ect. I mainly create my visual poems digitally, but I also use concrete objects in my works.

I have taken part in exhibitions of visual poetry, asemic writing and abstract comics in the US, UK, Hungary, Russia, Finland, German & Brazil and my works have featured in numerous poetry magazines, both Finnish and international.

My works are also incluted to several anthologies, for example: Vastakaanon - suomalainen kokeellinen runous 2000 - 2010 (2011), the Last Vispo Anthology 1998-2008 (2012), the Dark Would - Language Art Anthology (2013), An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (2013), A Kick in the Eye - A Colloborative Graphic Novel (2013), The Wisdoms Of The Universes In A Single String Of Letters (2015) and Asemic 15 - for asemic writing & similar (2015), Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry (2021), Anthology Women Asemic Artist and Visual Poets 2021 (2022) and Marco Giovenale: Asemics. Senso senza significato - Note sulla scrittura asemica, 2006-2023 (2023).

I have also some works at Finnish teaching School Books and their digital materials, for example Särmä 7 (Otava 2013), Kipinä - suomea lukioon 3 - 4 (Finn Lectura 2013) and Jukola 3 (Sanoma Pro).

You find my works from here.

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