my way to visual poetry


I explore all different kind of artistic and typographical terrain: I write poems in Finnish (and in English and Swedish), I make unilanguage, pwoermds, asemics, vispos, collaborations with others, colors art, lettervispos, abstract/visual comics, marquee poems, sound poems, animated vispos, animated abstract/visual comics, poemicstrips and I even compose little songs.

Why do I do these things? To me the most important part is being with in process: that moment when I'm creating vispos, asemics or something else: that what is happening inside of my mind at that specific moment, that is important to me.

The creative actualization gives me the flow-feeling and that's my main reason to explore such realms. The results are just some kind of by-products to me, but I hope that my works are kind of awakening for the viewer. I hope that they could be an inspiration for new ideas.

I dream that I someday could do also vidpoems, video poems like J.P. Sipilš
That would be very interesting and fascinating. I admire his work very much.